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Solcana CrossFit takes its name from early 20th-century strongwomen – with names like Vulcana, Minerva, Athleta and Sandwina – who performed feats of physical prowess in circus sideshows around the world. These iron ladies drew eager crowds and challenged the notion that women could not be exceptional athletes. Solcana Crossfit aims to embody the spirit of these strongwomen by encouraging growth in all of our athletes, pushing our personal limits and celebrating unexpected strength.

Our Values

Commitment: At Solcana CrossFit, we are fully committed to serving each client’s individual needs, and we hold ourselves, and our clients, to a standard of excellence in effort. We work as hard in practice as in competition and commit as much to each other as we do to ourselves.

Personal accountability: We are movement geeks and want our clients to understand their bodies so they can take them to their full potential. This means being humble in weights, remembering modifications and acknowledging what makes your body feel challenged and what makes your body feel powerful. We will support clients in finding individual success and becoming familiar with their personal limits.

Community: Supporting our athletes, Solcana CrossFit families and the surrounding community is of the utmost importance to us. When things get tough, it is the Solcana CrossFit community that will hold us together: Whether we’re cheering on our fellow athletes after finishing a tough workout or volunteering for gym-sponsored programs that enrich our neighborhood, Solcana CrossFit is centered on pushing ourselves and those around us to thrive.

Joyful health: CrossFit is inherently challenging and competitive, but it can also be a fun and joyful path to health. We want our clients to find joy in whichever aspect of CrossFit they love—working toward goals, competition, or just staying fit to move well in their daily lives—none more important than others. Every time you enter our gym, you’ll find a smile, a community and a coach that’s familiar with your body and what it needs.



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