Solcana fitness


CrossFit: These classes are open to athletes with all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. Coaches will work with you individually to modify movements and make the class most effective for your needs.

Women-Trans-Femme: The same challenging CrossFit environment, but open to female-identified, trans and femme athletes only. A fun, supportive environment for cis and trans women of all walks of life.

Yoga: See our yoga page for more information

Strength: Strength is for athletes who want to spend more time focusing on powerlifting and olympic lifting. These are athletes who are committing to competing in upcoming meets and want to spend time training specific lifting technique.

Open Gym: Open gym is an opportunity for athletes to use the gym space to work on skills, complete a missed workout, access mobility tools or work on strength. It is a lightly supervised environment, so we ask that athletes are able to work independently and are able to complete movements safely without instruction.


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